About Us

We are a small web and branding agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We work with clients all over the world and we’ve been working with the web since 1998.

Ben Usher Smith


I’m a designer and an illustrator. I love my clients and have frank conversations with them. Design at BU-S means much more than visualisations or graphical and typographical systems. It’s about our approach to solving problems. It’s also about the stories we help our clients tell.

I don’t make pictures of things and hand them off to front-end developers, I code too. I’ve taken this approach for almost two decades now and I’m a better designer for it.

I have the patience and discipline to get things done right (I once spent 8 weeks illustrating a cyclamen).

I’ve worked with global brands and won awards, but it’s the day to day work that surprises and delights our clients and makes me happiest.

My tools of choice are brush pens and WordPress.

Mark Gorzalka


I work on a lot of BU-S’s WordPress development. I also help our clients to hone their messaging too. I’ve worked in print production, marketing and copywriting for organisations including the BBC and VisitScotland.

I have experience working on large websites and in project management. This has also helped me to develop our pragmatic and flexible approach.

I’m often found working between three keyboards at the same time! I don’t play in a prog rock band.

My tools of choice are the command line and a coffee grinder.